Cox Cable Ocala, FL Offers More for Less

Ocala is a city in Marion County and it gets its name from the word “Ocali”. With a population of about 60,000, Ocala is home to some national and international companies from various industries like aerospace, manufacturing, home needs and services. The city in ancient times was occupied by the Timucua Native tribes, but late in the 1700’s gave space to European settlers. Some famous tourist destinations in Florida can be easily reached from Ocala and there are many places to visit all-year. Outdoor entertainment is very popular, while at the same time indoor entertainment provided by companies like Cox Cable Ocala FL with their cable TV and high speed Internet services are also in demand.

Population: 56,315

Area: 44.83 Square Miles

Housing Units: 26,764

Total Firms: 9,307

Triple Play Services from Cox Cable in Ocala, FL

Entertainment and communication technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years and Cox brings its superior technology to the people of Ocala. Cox Communications Ocala, FL offers the famous triple play bundle that contains cable TV, high speed Internet and digital home phone at affordable prices. The prices are what many have reported heightened satisfaction over.

Enjoy your favorite programs with Cox Cable Ocala, Florida and get ready for a high definition treat. With amazing picture clarity and crystal clear sound, this entertainment experience can truly meet the interest levels of a variety of people. Cox offers three competitively-priced packages. Choose one that suits your needs. The On-Screen Interactive Program Guide keeps you up-to-date on your favorite programs and the DVR can be programmed to record your favorite shows or movies whenever you want.

Cable TV service is just one piece of the bundle. It gets really fast when it comes to high speed Internet. Download songs or movies with Cox High Speed Internet®. Your computer races to finish things fast giving you enough time to enjoy what you’ve downloaded. The speed is incredible and with the Cox High Speed Internet Premier plan, you get up to 31 Mbps download speeds From Cox High Speed Internet Essential to Cox High Speed Internet Premier, the performance from Cox Cable Ocala FL will be sure to satisfy you. Also protect your data with McAfee® Security Suite which is included with your high speed Internet service. Get access to phone tools and control your phone right from your computer with Cox Digital Telephone® service.

Cox Cable Ocala FL comes with a fully loaded landline phone with advanced features for an unbeatable price. Enjoy unlimited long distance calling and when you switch to Cox, you won’t have to change your current phone number. Standard features like Caller ID and Call Waiting along with advanced features like Three-Way Calling or Call Tracing gives you a rewarding home phone experience. The Triple Play bundle from Cox Cable Ocala FL helps you save a good amount of money and manage your time more efficiently with just one single bill every month.