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Omaha is the largest city in the State of Nebraska. It is the county seat of Douglas County situated on the banks of the very famous Mississippi River. The city gets its name from the Native American Omaha tribe. Omaha has made a lot of billionaires and is one of largest cities that excel in technology in the nation. Some popular attractions in Omaha include the Henry Doorly Zoo that sports the world’s largest indoor desert and rainforests, Knolls Golf Course, Boulder Creek Amusement Park, The Rose Theater, and The General Crook House museum. Many companies have set up base in this city that caters to a variety of industries ranging from technology, aerospace, food and restaurant, to entertainment and communication companies like Cox Cable Omaha, NE. The climate is mostly continental in nature with summers being hot and humid and with very cold winters.

Population: Over 400,000 residents

Area: 127.09 sq mi

1st Known Inhabitants: Omaha Indians

Fact: Largest city in Nebraska

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Today some of the best forms of entertainment are cable packages that can breathe life into our home services. Cox Cable Omaha is one such service that keeps you at the height of modern technology along with its affordable pricing. They combine the essential Cable Television, Phone and Internet so there is no need to pay a separate bill for each. All three services can be bundled which provides you with monthly savings and the convenience of one monthly bill.

Enjoy great entertainment via Cox Cable Omaha with access to more than 210 channels including a slew of life-like HD channels. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR), HD Programming and Video On DEMAND extras are some of the attractive enhancements that add value. They are available with your qualifying Cox Cable TV plans. Cox has a proven history in the cable industry and keeps getting better and better with digital technology and its unbeatable bundle offers. Economically viable packages that do not compromise on quality are available for you to choose from.

You can take off with Cox in Omaha Nebraska Internet which promises to take you speedily through the online world. You will be amazed to select from plans with download speeds that range from 3 Mbps to 31 Mbps. It can take your Internet performance to the next level. Connect securely with the built-in security suite powered by McAfee®. Watch streaming live sports events with access to ESPN3.

Cox Communications Omaha offers digital telephone service that allows you to contact your loved ones around the country at a very economical rate. You can make unlimited long distance calls to the US and Canada. You can switch to Cox Digital Telephone® very easily without changing your existing number or even your phone equipment. The Cox Cable Omaha bundle packages are built carefully to fit your needs and budget.