Cox Communications Arkansas Beats the Competition

Being one of the most extensive states in the US, Arkansas is loaded with tons of natural resources that attract tourists from all around the world. Arkansas was approved as a state of the United States seventeen years after getting organized during mid June of 1836. Arkansas played a key role in aiding Texas in its war for independence from Mexico. It sent troops and materials to Texas to help fight the war. The major economy of the state relies on tourist’s traffic. In recent years, automobile parts manufacturers have opened factories in eastern Arkansas to support auto plants in other states. Today Arkansas people are served by advanced home entertainment and communication providers like Cox Communications Arkansas.

Population: 2,937,979

Capital: Little Rock

Area: 52,035.48 Square Miles

Governor: Mike Beebe

Perfect Digital Home Service from Cox Communications in Arkansas

The Cox Communications Arkansas Triple Play service feed rising entertainment and communication needs with premium digital technology and unbeatable customer service. Plug and play solutions for your television, Internet connection and telephone service will keep you up on technology without breaking your budget. Cox gives you total control over choosing the right packages that fits your interests and wallet.

With its optimized picture and sound quality that can project lifelike video, Cox Communications in Arkansas brings the reality combined with the actual feel directly into your living room. The three plans: Cox Advanced TV Essential, Cox Advanced TV Preferred and Cox Advanced TV Premier are available for you to select based on your need and budget. Moving away from television? Go ahead without worrying about missing your favorite programs, the Interactive Program Guide combined with the DVR can intelligently record all your favorite programs for you.

Lightning speed Internet service from Cox Internet Arkansas shows you a new level of surfing where you can lose your fear of service interruptions or downtime. Equipped with the tough-to-break security suite from McAfee®, Cox ensures your online transactions can be completed with confidence. Take the accelerator and control your connectivity speed as per your requirement – with the PowerBoost® speed enhancement, this is possible. Share or download huge files in a second. Enjoy live sports events seamlessly with access to ESPN3. Manage your home phone online using the Phone ToolsSM – included with your Cox subscription.

Take the chance to upgrade your existing telephone device to the next level without the need for changing your current number by connecting it with Cox Communications Arkansas phone service. You’ll get it for one low monthly fee and you can enjoy unlimited calling and advanced calling features. Cox Digital Telephone® works well with your home alarm system and can be used for calling emergency numbers. Enjoy super voice clarity and uninterrupted service without worrying about the distance, time or even the bill.