Cox Communications Tucson – Enjoy More for Less

Tucson is the second largest city in the state of Arizona and places second also in commonly misspelled cities. It is the oldest city in Arizona and is popular for retirement communities. It is full of natural beauty and mountains and received a large sum of money for the state’s insane asylum. There is said to be 350 days of sunshine and activities like golf draw legions of tourists in search of relaxation and recreation. It is also teeming with abundant night life, arts and culture. It is further enhanced by Cox Communications Tucson, AZ who provides affordable home service offers on digital cable TV and high speed Internet services, along with home phone service.

Population: Over half a million people

Area: 226.71 Square Miles

Housing Units: 229,762

Governor: Janice K. Brewer

Experience Cox Communications in Tucson

Many things have changed with the dawn of the millennium and it is profoundly found in the home services industry. It bodes well for people when a company like Cox comes to Tucson with its latest technology by offering its triple play services. With TV, Internet and Phone, Cox Communications Tucson makes a huge mark on the home entertainment and communications arena. Enjoy different options available with Cox TV in Tucson. Starting Cox Advanced TV Essential to Cox Advanced TV Preferred to Cox Advanced TV Premier, you get to choose from any of the three packs available and enjoy hundreds of channels.

With new-age LED TVs and plasma screens doing a better job of showing you the best quality picture, Cox Cable Tucson brings the most popular high definition channels that everyone is talking about to your home. With over- HD programming choices, you get the best bang for your buck. Enjoy some of the popular premium channels like HBO®, Starz®, Cinemax® and Showtime® on Cox TV with your qualifying subscription.

Cox Communications Tucson offers you award-winning high speed Internet service at affordable prices. Cox makes downloading and uploading easier than ever. Choose your package from the Cox High Speed Internet Essential, Cox High Speed Internet Preferred and Cox High Speed Internet Premier plans to experience the fastest Internet speeds. Whether you like the Internet for sharing your favorite photos with your family or downloading movies from the Web, you can do all this at breakneck speeds.

Cox Communications Tucson complements its triple play offering with its digital home phone service. Make unlimited local and long distance calls across the US and Canada for one unflinching rate each month. What’s special, you can integrate your home phone with your home alarm system, just in case you are planning to take a vacation or have to be away from home for an extended period of time. Remember, the triple play bundle allows you to save a good amount of money for all three services; the best part is you just get a single bill.