Cox Gulf Coast Bundles Are Top Notch

The Gulf Coast is a region in the southern part of the United States and is sometimes referred to as Gulf South. The region is primarily comprised of five states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, extending up to The Gulf of Mexico. Geographically, the region is prone to hurricanes and thunderstorms and the climate is moderate to hot during summer and mild during winter. The region is very famous for its popular vacation sports and winter homes. The history of this region dates back to the time of the French and Spanish who first settled in the area in the latter half of the 18th century. Despite frequent hurricanes, people consider it a favorite a place to live. Endless opportunities exist for people who are interested in the areas of adventure and education. The region has a mix of different cultures and it is a safe haven for tourists. The Gulf Coast plays a vital role in the country’s economy from industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and medical research. This provides an excellent opportunity for service providers like Cox Gulf Coast to extend their home entertainment and communication services to the people of The Gulf Coast.

Population: 56,227,276

Area: 455,629 sq mi

Housing Units: 24,378,569

Total Firms: 5,158,576

Best Triple Play Deals in Cox in the Gulf Coast

When it comes to triple play bundles, getting three home services from one provider gives you a lot of advantages and The Cox Triple Bundle for Gulf Coast is no exception. You get TV, Internet and phone service in a bundle with just a single bill. With it you can schedule your recordings from the Internet or see who is calling you on your Cox TV. Cox Communications Gulf Coast renders high quality transmission that can change the way you are entertained with superior quality and excellent sound.

Cox Gulf Coast offers easy flexible plans that meet a variety of interest levels. From Cox Advanced TV Essential to Advanced TV Premier, you can customize your cable TV plan the way you want it. Get premium channels like HBO® and Cinemax® along with Cox DVR and On DEMAND with your qualifying cable TV subscription. You can also access loads of high definition content and HD channels with qualifying Cox cable TV plans. Also add on Sports or movies, music or information in convenient a la carte paks.

The high speed Internet plan works at incredible speeds, reaching up to 31 Mbps download speed with the assistance PowerBoost®. Downloading or uploading has never been so fast. Watch TV through your Internet connection and download movies or videos in a flash. The syndication works seamlessly well with TV and Phone. Never again do you have to miss anything on TV or the Internet. Get a complete security suite for your computer from McAfee® with Cox Gulf Coast, plus a lot of other essential add-ons.

Enjoy excellent voice clarity on Cox Digital Telephone® and enjoy the most popular calling features. Talk whenever you want with unlimited local and long distance calling for one unmoving rate each month. Next time you plan your family trip, sync your home phone with your home alarm system and you can get alerts wherever you are. Choose the right plan and the bundle to save more with the convenience of one single bill from Cox in the Gulf Coast from Pensacola to Sanibel.