Cox Oklahoma City Offers Bundle Deals to Love

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma and is also the largest city. Here’s a fun fact about Oklahoma. A tornado once landed in Ponca City, which physically lifted and carried a couple into the air. The walls and roof were torn from their home but the foundation or flooring remained intact. The couple actually returned to safety, thanks to the flooring which enabled them to survive the fall! Oklahoma City draws its share of tourists, many stopping in as they drive west on Route 66. Some take time out to visit The National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. It is also home to one of the country’s largest processing center for many different kinds of farm products. On the white collar side of the fence, there is an emerging high tech concentration, especially in the fields of information technology and software development. The city also attracts entertainment and communication service providers like Cox Oklahoma City, providing cable TV, high speed Internet and home phone services.

Population: Almost 600,00 people

Area: 606.41 Square Miles

Features: Cross Timbers

Founded: April 1889

Save More on Bundled Services from Cox in Oklahoma City

Cox Communications Oklahoma City brings some of today’s most in-demand technology directly to our homes. This cutting edge technology from Cox works to power your television set, guarantees exciting Internet speed as well as reliable home phone service. The ‘Triple Play’ bundle from Cox Communications gives you an edge over your monthly bills.

Cox Oklahoma City Digital Cable service is a plan optimized to deliver a premium entertainment experience. The completely digitalized outstanding lineup of television content offering hundreds of digital channels and high definition channels takes subscribers to the next level in quality home entertainment. There is no reason to ever miss your favorite TV programs again! With DVR service, the user-friendly pause or record feature lets you record or pause up to two channels while you are watching another channel or away from your television.

When it comes to Internet, we always stick to the company that offers high speed. Cox Oklahoma City High Speed Internet has the ability to bring you pictures, movies or any other virtual content at a reliable speed that is more enjoyable. Included with your Internet plan is everything from Internet security powered by McAfee®, to PowerBoost® for enhanced speed.

If you are thinking about switching to Digital phone service, you can do it now without the need of changing your current number or phone equipment. Enjoy one unmoving monthly rate while staying connected with your friends – Cox Cable OKC plans are bundled to fit your budget and need. Cox Digital Telephone® easily integrates with your security systems and you have the ability to call emergency numbers. Get all the most popular calling features like Call Waiting or Call Holding combined with many more features. Cox Triple Play bundles all three services to save you a lot of money and for easy bill management.