Cox Orange County Offers More for Less

Orange County is home to many famous landmarks and has been home to many famous people. The Crab Cooker is the restaurant on Newport Blvd in Newport Beach with a bright red exterior and green and white awning. You’ve probably seen it in the background of dozens of films and TV series. Be warned if you go you may have to wait in line outside as it’s a popular tourist destination. Recently Orange County has lived its share of publicity thanks to several popular television series being based there: The Housewives of Orange County and The O.C. Probably most legendary for its famous beaches which are too numerous to name, here are a few of the most popular: Balboa Island, Huntington Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Seal Beach. Enter Orange County and enter a world of fun and the sun and also keep your indoor activity up with Cox Orange County cable TV, Internet and home phone services.

Population: Over 3 million residents

Area: 790.57 sq mi

Governor: Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Largest City: Anaheim

What You Can Get from Cox in Orange County

Cox Orange County, CA plays an important role in keeping its people entertained and engaged. With the right combination of digital TV, high speed internet and home phone – Cox can be your one stop solution for all the fun you have indoors. The ‘Triple Play’ from Cox is known for its economical solutions that keep its subscribers cost down on their monthly bills.

Watching your favorite shows and programs as provided by Cox Cable Orange County is always a great occasion. The color, sharpness and quality of the picture feeds your need for the real spirit of entertainment. You can watch all your favorite sports and movies in High Definition channels with utmost clarity with your qualifying cable TV subscription. The Interactive Program Guide integrated with DVR service can help you program and store all your favorite shows.

Cox technology helps you to stay abreast of the latest technology and brings you benefits through advancements. It uses a 100% digital connection for a fast Internet connection right to your computer and intelligently accelerates its speed according to the size of the file you need to download. This fastest Internet speed offered by Cox enables you to watch uninterrupted videos and live televised sports, as well as any other content accessed online. The security suite is powered by McAfee®, with the bonus PowerBoost® addition to enhance your speed.

Cox Communications Orange County offers unbeatable home phone service with advanced calling features like Automatic Redial on Busy combined with the favorite calling features like Call waiting, Call Holding and Speed Calling. Unlimited local and long distance calling, the choice to keep your existing phone equipment along with the option of keeping your current telephone number are included with Cox Digital Telephone® service from Cox Orange County. Some look for quality, some look for affordable prices, some look for the best service and some for easy accessibility. Cox Orange County is one of the only service providers to deliver on all types of expectations.